What to bring to court and how to act

On some occasions, when we are removed from our daily routines, we simply need more information.

On the other hand, looking for more information is something we should probably get accustomed to. Sometimes watching Judge Judy or People’s Court just may not give us enough information about a day in court that will happen.

Most of US citizens have received some form of Jury Duty summons at some point. Even though the letter tries to be detailed and informative, we still tend to crave more information because of the uncertainty related not only to transportation or parking, but we also need details about entering public buildings and what can be brought in. Trying to avoid Jury Duty may also trigger frantic research, but just in case you must show up in court, for various reasons, there are some basic guidelines.

Cities may vary in their ordinances, but there is some common ground where most of them will agree.

Majority of public institutions will have some sort of security checkpoints with metal detectors and security guards. The list of prohibited items is fairly long, but it is tied to common sense. Still, we would like to list some of them, just in case:

  •     Any type of explosive device, including but not limited to, bomb, grenade, rocket, mine, fireworks, blasting caps, toy caps.
  •     Firearm of any kind, including but not limited to pistol, rifle, shotgun, improvised firearms, BB/Pellet guns, rubber band guns.
  •     Defensive spray of any kind, including but not limited to Mace, pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum.
  •     Knives: Only common pocket knives with blade(s) under 2” in length that fold into the handle, doesn’t open by pressing a button of any kind and doesn’t lock in place will be allowed.  All other styled knives or devices used for cutting are prohibited.
  •     Knuckles (brass, steel, wooden, spiked)
  •     Stun gun, Taser.
  •     Hoax weapon (any item that appears to be a prohibited weapon).
  •     Chemical dispensing device, including aerosol cans.*
  •     Fashion chains (attached to wallets, keys, etc…).
  •     Any item that is unnecessary for the normal conduct of County business that could reasonably be a threat or disturbance to County business.
  •     No flammable liquids.
  •     No alcoholic beverages
  •     Any type of Club intended for personal defense, including but not limited to blackjack, nightstick, mace, hatchet, baton, PR-24.

In case you have to stand or sit in front of the judge or jury, here are a few suggestions that may help a little bit. In general, this really can help in most of situations, even with your social life:

  •  Look it up so you know where to go.
  •  Arrive on time.
  •  Dress appropriately.
  •  Be respectful..  Look them in the eye when addressing them.
  •  #Selfie can wait.
  •  Be pleasant.

After everything, hopefully, went well, you probably forgot where you parked. With things like that, I really cannot help, but if you contact the security, they may drive you around a bit in one of those golf carts or, if lucky, inside of air-conditioned vehicle. Have a nice trip!

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