Can you bail someone out with no money?

While the answer is almost always “No” to a question “Can you bail someone out with no money?” there are circumstances when people may not have to post bail, and that option is called “own recognizance”, or “O.R.”

There are multiple reasons for this option, or exceptions to posting bail, so that people do not have to stay in jail while waiting for their day in court.

This option is requested during the first court appearance in front of the judge. Many reasons, and this is fairly subjective, will determine if O.R. is actually possible, like previous history, family, ties to community, employment, criminal record and possibly some other elements.

To be more specific, per, there are about four groups of people who may qualify for free jail release until their day in court:

The first is lower grade offenders. Jail officials only want to keep repeat and violent criminals in jail, so lower level, non-violent offenders tend to get priority on personal recognizance bonds.

The second category is indigent offenders. If a court or magistrate decides that a defendant cannot afford an attorney, they will appoint an attorney on his behalf. Similarly, if they find that the defendant is indigent and cannot afford bond, they will sometimes grant the defendant a personal recognizance bond so he can get out of jail.

The third category of offenders are those with serious medical conditions. For example, if a defendant has a condition that requires weekly chemotherapy treatments, then jail officials will ask the magistrate to set a PR bond so that the county is not liable for the defendant’s medical treatment while in jail.

The fourth category is defendants who have been held for a long time without a charge being formally filed. For example, in Texas, if a defendant was arrested for a felony drug case, but over ninety days went by without the prosecutor obtaining an indictment, then Texas law provides for a defendant’s release on own recognizance because of the delay.

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