Do you get any money back from a bail bondsman?

How You Get Your Money Back

So how do bail bonds work in practice? There are a few ways to get out of jail. Here are the most common ones in the United States:

Signature/Own Recognizance (or “OR”): The defendant is not required to pay any money, but must sign a bond guaranteeing their appearance for future court appearances.

Unsecured: The defendant signs a bond guaranteeing appearance for further hearings with the understanding that if the defendant does not appear he/she will be responsible for paying the Court a designated amount of money.

Secured: The defendant must pay a designated amount of money or post security in the amount of the bail in order to be released. This security can be in the form of cash or property and may be posted by the defendant or by someone on his/her behalf, e.g., a relative or a bail bondsman.

Cash Only: The defendant and/or a co-signer must pay a designated amount of money to the Court. The defendant and a co-signer, if any, must also sign a bond order guaranteeing the appearance of the defendant at further court proceedings.

Once you pay the court, you have to fulfill the terms requested. If you do not fulfill the terms, that will be considered as skipping the bail and it will have a negative outcome.

If you appear for court and meet all other conditions, the court dissolves the bail bond. Once terminated, the court returns the money. If you use a bail bondsman, then the money goes back to the bail bond.

They then keep their fee as a profit. As a result, the defendant – or whoever paid the bondsman – won’t get any money back.

What happens if you do not meet the bail conditions?

The court will require that the remaining bail be paid, and it keeps the money. If you use a bail bondsman, they use the collateral you provided to pay the court. The bail bondsman doesn’t profit when they need to pay the court. You need to pay in cash if you want a refund.

The only way the defendant gets a refund is if they pay the court in cash from their own pocket.

When you pay in cash – not through a bail bondsman – you then receive a complete refund at the end of the case. You get the money back regardless of whether the jury convicts you of the charges.

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