Do you still have to pay the bail bondsman if charges are dropped?

Just like any signed document, it is helpful to understand that a bond is essentially an insurance policy. Just as when you purchase car insurance, even if you do not use the insurance, you still have to pay for the policy. The cost of it is usually 10%, but it varies, to purchase a bond. What happens to the disposition of the case (like in your case it has been dismissed) does not affect your purchase of the bond. You still must complete the contract to pay for it.

There are two main ways of posting bail. The first is to post cash bail, which means you give the court the entire amount (usually by cashier’s check, not in cash). When the case is over, you get the money back.

If you don’t have the full amount, you can purchase a bail bond, which is like an insurance policy that pays the court the full bail amount if you fail to appear (or the bail agent finds you and brings you to the jail so they don’t have to pay). A bail bond usually costs ten percent of the total bail (although most bail bond companies will write bonds for less under certain circumstances).

Once the bail bond company issues the bond, their job is done and you are responsible for the entire amount. If they agreed to accept payments, you are still liable for the full amount. Exonerating the bail bond just means the case is closed, so the court no longer needs the bail bail bond to ensure you will continue to appear.

If you fail to pay as required by your contact with the bail bond company, they can take the car you posted as collateral, or take any other legal steps to enforce your debt to them.

Hiring a bail bondsman is a way to ensure that there is a bond posted and a person can get out of jail, or to make sure the person does not have to stay in jail while the case is going through the court. Paying a minimum of 10% can bring you a piece of mind and ability to focus on your everyday’s life while managing the case in court. 

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