Criminal History Record System: Part 10


The commissioners’ court of each county may create a local data advisory board to: 

–  analyze the structure of local automated and manual data systems to identify redundant data entry and data storage; 

–  develop recommendations for the commissioners to improve the local data systems; 

–  develop recommendations, when appropriate, for the effective electronic transfer of required data from local agencies to state agencies; and 

–  perform any related duties to be determined by the commissioners’ court. 

Local officials responsible for collecting, storing, reporting, and using data may be appointed to a local data advisory board. 

The council and the Department of Public Safety shall, to the extent that resources allow, provide technical assistance and advice on the request of a local data advisory board. 


The council, the Department of Public Safety, the criminal justice division of the governor’s office, and the Department of Information Resources cooperatively shall develop and adopt a grant program, to be implemented by the criminal justice division at a time and in a manner determined by the division, to aid local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and court personnel in obtaining equipment and training necessary to operate a telecommunications network capable of: 

–  making inquiries to and receiving responses from the statewide automated fingerprint identification system and from the computerized criminal history system; and 

–  transmitting information to those systems. 


Before allocating money to a county from any federal or state grant program for the enhancement of criminal justice programs, an agency of the state must certify that using all or part of the allocated money, the county has taken or will take all action necessary to provide the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice any criminal history records maintained by the county in the manner specified for purposes of those departments. 

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