Bail Bonds and Movies

Bail bonds industry tends to tickle the imagination of Hollywood producers. It is quite often in the news once somebody famous has been arrested. Bounty hunters like Dog the, well, bounty hunter, who tends to hunt in somewhat limited island area, got their own shows. Even the style of bounty hunting has been replicated to other shows about different industries, like car repossessions. Who can forget timeless classic like Operation Repo with car chases, car crashes and plain arguing between family members. Lauder the better.


Jackie Brown was one of those movies where bail bondsman had a prominent role and somewhat navigated the outcome of the story. 


But, how much of it is actually true. Most of the TV shows are only based on true events and acted out by skillful actors. Or loud enough in most cases.


Here’s what needs to be expected when people mention bail bonds:


“Bail bonds are a non-refundable payment used to guarantee the entire amount of bail in case a defendant fails to live up to the terms of the release. A bail bond covers 10 percent of the total bail and is beneficial to a client, so that they don't have to spend all their time in a jail cell until the trial date. While bail bond laws vary state-by-state, most states have the same approach to this policy.”


It is extremely important for the client to show up in court. If that does not happen, in most cases, bail bondsman can go after their clients in order to bring them back.


“Because a bail bondsman has custody over a defendant, they have the authority to arrest a defendant anytime before the forfeiture goes into affect. The arrest authority law states that a bail bondsman must deliver a copy of the bond, and then a warrant is to be ordered issuing the defendant to a jail or detention center. The court may award a bail bondsman a financial reward for locating and surrendering the defendant.”


Now, in real life, bail bonds are straightforward affair. Most people prefer to stay at home, versus being in jail. Sometimes family members can help if no solution is available right away for clients in jail. 


Atlas Bail is extremely flexible bail bonds business. We have years of experience and superior customer service that can assist in multiple languages and with multiple topics. We can address different payment plans and work with every budget. For example, from our Google reviews:


“when my boyfriend went to jail I had no idea what to do. Amy was so nice and explained everything to me and helped me get him out fast so he could go to work the next day. the prices were better than other places I called, and they helped me out with a payment plan. they have made his check ins easy too. I will be using them again if I need to bail anyone out”


Let’s have a happy ending for this story. Give us a call so we can help you.

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