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Need to bail someone out of jail? CALL US! We service all four major bail bond types:

  • A misdemeanor means an offense so designated by law or punishable by fine, by confinement in jail, or by both fine and confinement in jail.
  • Felonies are serious offenses designated by law, punishable by death, or confinement in a penitentiary.
  • When someone is arrested and accused of a Federal or an interstate crime, they may be able to be released using a Federal Bail Bond. Federal crimes may include crimes where the defendant crossed a state line, federal property defacement, FBI-investigated crimes, drug trafficking, Federal tax evasion, kidnapping, and certain types of fraud.
  • An Immigration Bond is a type of surety bond used to secure the release of a person living unlawfully within the United States from the custody of Homeland Security. A surety bond is very similar to that of an insurance contract.

Do you need to set a “cash only” bond? CALL US to assist in making a switch to a surety bond.

If your loved one is in custody at a jail, it may be several hours, or even days, before a bail bond is set by a Judge. Atlas Bail Bonds can post a Writ Bond. Once filed, the writ bond sets bond amount, after that Atlas Bail Bonds can proceed to post bail, and your loved one will be released shortly after. What happens if you have a cash-only bond? Atlas Bail Bonds can assist you with a switch from cash to surety bond.

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