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July 2019
To better understand how bail bonds work in Texas, it’s important to know that upon arrest anywhere in the state of Texas, a person is usually processed at the local county jail, and you cannot contact a bail bondsman until your mugshot and fingerprints have been taken. Your information is then entered into the system and a bail amount is set for your release. The wait to be released is longer in county jails, as opposed to local police stations, because there are many more defendants...
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Dallas County may change the way it calculates cash amount needed for bail. Wit all other news across the industry pointing at possible changes, it is important to notate how it may possibly work out for everybody.  What the most new systems may apply is a combination of technology and analysis in order to process a risk assessment. The new approach may help judges apply cash bail amounts based on data available.  Here’s more info on it, directly from Dallas Morning New...
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Bail bonds industry tends to tickle the imagination of Hollywood producers. It is quite often in the news once somebody famous has been arrested. Bounty hunters like Dog the, well, bounty hunter, who tends to hunt in somewhat limited island area, got their own shows. Even the style of bounty hunting has been replicated to other shows about different industries, like car repossessions. Who can forget timeless classic like Operation Repo with car chases, car crashes and plain arguing between famil...
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June 2019
Beth Chapman, the better half of the TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter passed away recently. Many fans will remember Beth and her appearances on the show. The TV show was, in part, and extension of her life in bail bond business. Reality TV could not capture all the details of her life and family, also mostly in bail bond business.While sharing details of her work on TV and online, in personal life she was also dedicated to the bail bond industry. In 2016 she ran for and won the position of Presiden...
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 Reading legal code may be super-interesting from time to time, for some people, but more often it is something we have to deal with when under duress. Reading IKEA instructions may be difficult enough sometimes or, oh no, Mattel’s instructions for a new Barbie house. Still, legal code may require an “interpreter” like a lawyer, or a business persons with understanding of the process.  While IKEA or Mattel will put everything on a piece of paper and hope for the best,...
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Hello, friends. This week let’s take a look at AAA Atlas Bail, as seen through the eyes of our customers. Usually there is a very specific need when people look for bail bonds. A form of guaranty is needed to release people from jail. AAA Atlas Bail will provide the guaranty, and the person released will show up in front of the judge a latter day.  While this may look simple on paper, usually it requires a good deal of teamwork, our customers and us, to find the right solution, while ...
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Sometimes watching Judge Judy or People’s Court just may not give us enough information about a day in court that will happen.
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May 2019
When entering United States, travelers should report if they are bringing in more that $10,000 combined in money and other valuables.
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It is almost impossible to find a group of people in our society that did not have to get in touch with bail bondsmen at some point. One group, or, a team rather, are people in professional sports. As we tend to watch games almost every night, it is difficult not to notice a massive amount of attention directed at famous players.Atlas Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX is here to help.
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While working with bail bondsman may require a bit of paperwork, some people prefer to skip everything else after. Over years there was a number of characters in public life who decided never to return. Or they tried to. These are the bits of their rich and probably yet unfinished stories
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